Croesus iBalance

Smart rebalancing

Access user-friendly software that manages the inherent complexity behind managing compliant, tailored, and tax-efficient portfolios. Croesus iBalance combines rebalancing with real-time compliance management for private wealth and institutional firms as well as pooled funds.


Leverage artificial intelligence


Increase your productivity with automation.

  • Ensure portfolio compliance with no extra effort
  • Easily manage models and submodels
  • Synchronize orders, eliminating errors
  • Automate centralized portfolio management and rebalancing
  • Configure your constraints and preferences
  • Benefit from optimal implementation
Croesus iBalance

Aim high, go further


Maximize satisfaction

Accommodate your client’s specific needs with tailored portfolios.

Reach your objectives

Offer holistic management of all a household’s related portfolios, including non-traditional and restricted assets.

Develop efficient investment strategies while respecting client constraints.

Increase after-tax return

Improve tax efficiency by optimizing the positioning of securities based on each portfolio’s taxability.

Set capital gains limits and readily use tax-loss harvesting.

Key features


Management by household, mandate, or objective

Tax optimization

Compliance checking



Order and workflow management



Smart modeling and rebalancing


Ensure compliance using Croesus iBalance



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