Croesus APIs

Leverage Croesus data and functionalities, and add value for your users

Speed-up development and integration time


For developers who need to integrate Croesus data and functionalities with other applications to ensure efficiency and data continuity, Croesus provides a comprehensive library of easy-to-use APIs that speed up development and integration time.

Fetch data directly from Croesus solutions


Croesus APIs enable clients and partners to integrate Croesus data and functionalities in their own applications, seamlessly and securely.

  • Data continuity, integrity, precision, and confidentiality
  • Seamless data flow between systems
  • Decreased development time
  • Productivity improvement
  • Cost reduction
  • Automation
  • Complete system integration
  • Easy deployment
  • Added value to integrated applications

Designed for developers,
by developers

Streamline your application development efforts with Croesus APIs

Great and improving API offering
  • Access to data and functionalities in Croesus solutions
  • Clear and comprehensive documentation based on OpenAPI specifications
  • Constantly growing API list
Follow industry standards
  • Based on simple REST principle
  • JSON format for returning metadata
  • High level of security: TLS encryption and OAuth standards
  • IP filtering to allow or deny access
Ease of access and use
  • Dedicated portal to access the APIs library
  • Quick onboarding
  • Easy to learn

Would you like to know more?

What are WealthTech APIs?

Croesus APIs, and WealthTech APIs in general, are key tools for financial institutions to integrate their systems and portfolio management solutions with third-party software or data. API development is part of an open banking approach that allows sharing data in a secure way through programming language between different types of systems.

Croesus APIs are WealthTech APIs, a subset of FinTech APIs, that serves Wealth Management firms. Financial institutions use our Application Programming Interfaces to integrate Croesus data into alternative applications across their financial services platforms and systems, to deliver data downstream to their different financial operations starting in the back office all the way to the client investor. The investment accounts and portfolios data can be made available as well through our clients to third party software providers in a secure manner to leverage the information in building augmented financial solutions and build an ecosystem for clients that best serves the end customers.

Leveraging Croesus APIs enables our clients to advance securely into an Open Banking and Open Data world where information can be shared safely offering the fluid integration in the advisor desktop and increasing the opportunities to grow the products and solutions offered to investors and increasing the revenue opportunities for banks, financial institutions and FinTech vendors.



Croesus APIs

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