APIs and Widgets

Leverage financial data and functions into applications using integration tools
APIs and Widgets
Seamless integration

Seamless integration


APIs allow key account- and position-level data exchange between Croesus and third-party applications through a range of standard protocols. Data can be leveraged into proprietary applications, providing complete flexibility and customization of the user experience. The API list is constantly growing based on client and market needs.

Secure data exchange


Financial APIs allow firms to achieve total data integrity and confidentiality using the highest level of security and privacy achieved through TLS encryption and two-way SSL authentication. Croesus also provides IP filtering, which empowers firms to allow or deny access to APIs by using specific IP addresses.

Secure data exchange
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Effortless data integration


Croesus UI Widgets allow complex financial data to be accessed using data visualization or streamlined tables.


Data can be integrated directly into a web browser, smartphone, or tablet.

Custom look and feel

Widgets can be fully customized, matching the look and feel of advisor or investor applications.

Built for developers

APIs are developed using RESTful web services that return JSON, ensuring scalable technology and providing seamless integration. The comprehensive list of APIs can be accessed through a dedicated developer portal.



Croesus APIs and Widgets



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