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Meeting the needs of the financial services industry
Our roots are grounded in the wealth management industry. Through the years we have gained invaluable insights and in-depth expertise regarding the needs of a wide range of financial services firms. Croesus has leveraged that knowledge to build solutions to meet the demands of an ever-expanding network of clients. Whether you are a full-service broker or a portfolio manager, Croesus provides a solution that is adapted to your business reality.

Full-service brokerage


From portfolio management to portfolio rebalancing to APIs, our technology solutions are designed to provide advisors with easy-to-use tools to meet today’s growing challenges. Using an intuitive interface, full-service brokerage firms can perform complex rebalancing calculations and create customized reporting packages. Firms can also use Croesus APIs to securely integrate financial and non-financial data into client or advisor applications.

Full-service brokerage

Discount brokerage

Discount brokerage

Discover how online brokerage firms can leverage financial data with Croesus. More than ever, technology integration plays a key role in providing leading online solutions. Croesus APIs facilitate integration by providing firms the flexibility to seamlessly integrate account and performance-level data. Firms can take integration one step further with data visualization and streamlined tables.

Asset management


Security, data integrity, and simplicity are the defining features of all our WealthTech solutions. Designed for the most demanding clients, Croesus Advisor provides asset management firms access to a powerful built-in CRM, advanced modeling, and highly customized reporting. If data integration is your priority, Croesus APIs provide the building blocks to seamlessly incorporate data into applications.

Portfolio management firms


Access performance and precision in one sophisticated portfolio management solution. The easy-to-use interface allows portfolio managers to efficiently produce made-to-measure reporting packages, facilitate risk management as well as compliance, and provide complex performance calculations on the fly. Portfolio management firms seeking customization can integrate financial and non-financial data into applications using Croesus APIs.

Portfolio management firms

Mutual fund firms


Intuitive and multidimensional, Croesus Advisor facilitates all-in-one portfolio management for mutual fund firms by providing tailored reporting, integrated CRM features as well as accurate performance calculations. Firms can achieve even greater flexibility with unmatched security using Croesus APIs.

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Portfolio management

Portfolio Management

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