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Creator of wealth since 1987


With more than 200 employees, Croesus is one of the largest FinTechs in Canada. As a multi-time “Best Employer” award winner, Croesus provides a human employee experience, a stimulating work environment, and numerous advantages and benefits.

Through our products, our values, and our ways of doing things and working together, we create wealth for our employees, customers, and partners.

It’s worth knowing us. Come and discover the Croesus universe and experience!

35th anniversary

Our values


We focus on human collaboration


Employees who have fun are more motivated, more innovative, and above all, happier.


Respect for all is fundamental to building healthy and constructive relationships.


Integrity in what we do and how we act promotes quality human interactions.


Collaboration fosters creativity, achievement, and a sense of belonging.


Ethics guide us in our behavior and promote the best in everyone.

Our employee experience


People first

Our approach is individual and human, emphasizing balance between personal life and professional development. We’re convinced you can have an interesting career where you can grow and develop while enjoying good work-life balance and respect every day.

Our employer promise: Care

We take care of our employees when it comes to financial security, work-life balance, schedule flexibility, and respect for all.

A Croesussian’s daily life is about:

  • Fun, flexibility, and respect
  • Collaboration and team spirit
  • Numerous social and financial benefits
  • Interesting and motivating projects
  • Generosity of our leaders
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Exceptional work environment

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Why choose us?


For what sets us apart

Everyday benefits

  • Flexible work schedule
  • Hybrid work
  • À la carte, unlimited leave
  • Free parking

Financial benefits

  • Group RRSP and employer contribution
  • Company bonuses
  • Paid cell phone and Internet
  • Candidate referral bonus

Health and wellness

  • Group insurance from day one
  • On-site gym
  • Sports reimbursement
  • Telemedicine

Concern for the environment

  • Opus card reimbursement
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Bike sharing
  • Recycling of electronic equipment

Diversity and inclusion







Our values bring us together; our differences make us richer

Croesus is a happy gathering of diverse origins, languages, cultural groups, gender, ages, and social profiles.

We put our values of respect, integrity, and collaboration into practice every day. People feel welcome from day one and are comfortable expressing their ideas.

Professional development


Each day, we innovate and build the future by focusing on talent development. Over the years, we have honed our programs to help build skills and expertise. Here are just a few things that benefit our employees and CEGEP and university interns:


  • Continuing education program
  • Individual training budget
  • In-house and off-site training
  • Individual and community training courses
  • Reimbursement for training to meet professional designation maintenance requirements

Knowledge acquisition

  • Coaching and mentoring by qualified personnel
  • On-site events related to industry best practices
  • Incentives to participate in off-site conferences and webinars
  • Support to maintain links with industry and sectorial associations

Employee testimonials

“I had a problem with my job and went to my immediate supervisor. He helped me change my situation and now I’m much more motivated.”

“I really enjoy working with people from different countries with different opinions, different points of view on different things, it’s really cool.”

“We’re self-directed in our work, we don’t feel like we’re always being watched.”

“The goals I had of finding a good employer have been met, it’s been four months and it’s going great.”

“Employee health and wellness is a core concern for Croesus. They make incredible efforts for the whole team, for physical and mental health.”

“The employer really takes the time to get to know you.”

“At Croesus, it always feels good, we have an ongoing camaraderie, it’s always easy to interact with everyone.”

“The culture at Croesus is really about taking care of its employees. I’ve been here for 10 years and that hasn’t changed.”

Life at Croesus


Developer of human wealth

Making of

Our 4 pillars of wealth

Human as Croesus
Our true wealth is our people
Inclusive as Croesus
Our true wealth is our differences
Free as Croesus
Our true wealth is having the latitude to make a difference
Open as Croesus
Our true wealth is being open to different ideas and points of view

Our community involvement and support


We’re conscious of social and cultural issues and want to support our community in a meaningful way.

Helping communities is part and parcel of Croesus’s mission. Since 2000, Croesus has donated a portion of its revenues to organizations and foundations in the following areas:

  • Education
  • Physical and mental health
  • Support for disadvantaged families
  • Environmental protection

Croesus employees help select the causes and charities these donations go to. A standing committee handles these initiatives based on predetermined governance and selection rules.

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