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User-friendly, high performance, and innovative, our portfolio management solution Croesus Advisor features advanced tools to securely and efficiently manage client assets for wealth management advisors.



Croesus Central provides straightforward, tailored, and seamless portfolio rebalancing. It is reliable and flexible to give you more time for client-facing activities and business development, while ensuring compliance with client and regulatory constraints.

Croesus Central
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Send financial data easily and securely using Croesus’s application programming interfaces (APIs).

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User-friendly products

Adapted to your reality, our products are extremely user-friendly without compromising performance or efficiency.

A reputation 30 years strong

Croesus has been a standout provider in the wealth management industry since 1987. It’s no surprise then that so many brokerages and banks trust us in managing over 1.7 trillion dollars in client assets.

An innovative company

Innovation is in Croesus’s DNA. Our employees’ vast knowledge and experience drive our development and business decisions.

Unequivocal expertise

Our expertise makes developing quality solutions a reality, solutions that are suited to the needs of the financial industry and recognized across North America. There’s a reason why our market share in Canada is over 55%.

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