Manage your clients’ assets more efficiently

Manage your clients’ assets more efficiently

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Fostering business growth: How the right portfolio management system can help

At the core of successful advisory practices lies a modern portfolio management system. Today’s systems help advisors efficiently manage and prioritize client communication, assess positions and history, rebalance as necessary, and generate reports. When these tasks are completed promptly, both productivity and profitability rise.

Seamlessly running in the background, a portfolio management system (PMS) optimizes portfolios, ensures compliance, and facilitates better decision-making with reliable and relevant data. Advisors can then focus on client relationships and tailor financial plans.

“A modern PMS must transcend traditional functionalities to cater to the evolving needs of wealth management professionals,” said Annik Voyer, Product Leader at Croesus, the PMS leader in Canada. “It should deliver a comprehensive, efficient, and secure platform that simplifies and optimizes the daily activities of wealth managers.”

As feature-rich and customizable solutions emerge, advisors increasingly demand more from their PMS. These advanced solutions provide deep functionality and interface with other tools to enhance the user experience and streamline operations.

“To truly stand out, you require a system that embodies six crucial elements: power of calculation, reliability, customization, security, comprehensiveness, and interconnectivity,” said Voyer.

Empowering advisors with an all-in-one solution

Voyer says it’s important to think of a PMS as part of an ecosystem, which explains why Croesus has prioritized integration with other suppliers’ tools. The goal is to provide a better experience for the advisors using the system by streamlining their workflow. It is much more efficient when advisors do not have to re-enter information into different systems or switch between systems to complete essential tasks..

“We know investment advisors and wealth professionals lose a ton of time each day managing administrative tasks. We want to free up their time, allowing them to focus on their clients and expand their reach and engagement with new ones,” said Voyer.

Ultimately, Croesus aims to provide an all-in-one solution. It includes everything from dashboards that show where an advisor needs to focus daily, to various modules such as client relationship management and customizable out-of-the-box reports. At the same time, the Croesus user experience team ensures that the applications are ergonomic and intuitive..

“We support various workflows, business types, and user preferences. As a result, our PMS is customizable at every level, from the firm down to the individual user. It’s an exceptionally flexible solution,” said Voyer. “We’re committed to simplifying portfolio management without compromising power, ease of use, and security..”

Because of its deep expertise, the Croesus team sometimes recommends adjustments to an advisor’s workflow to improve processes and efficiency. This is part of our partnership model and can enhance the benefits a firm derives from the portfolio management system..

A technology partner

Drawing on 36 years of experience developing wealth management solutions that are used to manage more than $1.7 trillion in assets, as a leading WealthTech, Croesus has built a PMS that currently supports more than 15,000 professionals in their daily tasks. This system integrates seamlessly with back-office operations and third-party products.

To develop this solution, Croesus has closely consulted with clients to understand their needs and pain points, seeking insights for refinement along the way. Treating clients like partners has been fundamental to Croesus since its earliest days.

“When Croesus first started in 1987, it was really by sitting down with an investment advisor and building a custom solution that didn’t exist at the time,” said Voyer. “We have different ways of gathering information, including discussing with super-users at all levels. We also conduct user testing of our concepts so that even before we develop new features we have a better understanding of whether these features will meet the needs of our users.”

“We’re dedicated to working hand-in-hand with firms, placing the users and their firms at the forefront of our values.”

Supporting the community through yearly commitment

Croesus’s impact extends beyond the world of wealth management. Every year, for more than a decade, the company has fulfilled a commitment to donate 0.5% of its revenue to charitable causes. In 2023, funds were disbursed to 60 distinct associations and foundations with missions related to environmental protection, mental health, physical health, and education.

Croesus is always finding new ways to use technology to improve efficiency, security, and client satisfaction for wealth management professionals. This benefits advisors’ clients across the country who are working hard to save for their future.

“Our longstanding commitment to excellence and innovation, combined with our profound understanding of the wealth management industry and our users, has enabled us to build a solution that empowers advisors and assists them in meeting the needs of investors.”


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