CRM Connector

Leverage Croesus Advisor data in Salesforce

The best of both worlds


The CRM Connector enables wealth management professionals to access Croesus Advisor’s data within the Salesforce CRM platform.

CRM Connector

For wealth management professionals who lose time and risk errors when they use unintegrated CRM and PMS systems, the CRM Connector provides integration between Croesus Advisor and Salesforce so professionals may benefit from significant productivity gains, synchronized data between both platforms, and enhanced client-facing technology to better serve their clients.

Wealth management professionals may now leverage the strengths of the Salesforce CRM and the Croesus Advisor portfolio management system.
CRM Connector
The Croesus Advisor data appears within the Salesforce user interface.



Insured data integrity

  • Centralized view of client information
  • Synchronized data between both platforms, no data duplication
  • Data continuity, flow, and accuracy
  • Risk reduction associated with data errors when using unintegrated systems

Improved productivity

  • Full customization at the user-category level
  • Search and reporting capabilities using data from both platforms
  • No loss of time with double data entry
  • Faster and easier preparation for client meetings
  • Better client service with enhanced client-facing technology

Enhanced business development

  • Marketing campaigns via Salesforce based on Croesus Advisor data

Smoother change management

  • Easy and fast deployment at the enterprise level (in about 1 business day)
  • Easy to learn and use

The CRM Connector is the result of a strategic partnership between Croesus and PSTOX.
The PSTOX Wealth application is available in the Salesforce application repository (AppExchange).

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