The Croesus Performance Calculation Module is a powerful and flexible portfolio performance calculation tool that ensures data transparency.

As accuracy and reliability are of the utmost importance, performance is calculated in accordance with GIPS®, as established by the CFA Institute.

Croesus calculates various portfolio statistics, such as yields, modified duration, accruals and more, on a daily basis.

In a single mouse-click, you can access performance by account, client or household or any grouping of these and:
  • View returns for fixed or cumulative periods in any date range
  • Convert accounts to any supported currency
  • Display performance in graphic format
  • View net and gross fee returns

Risk Measurements

In order to have a full understanding of performance, standard deviation, beta and Sharpe risk measurements are provided.


Results can be compared against reference indexes, including blended benchmarks. Users can also create custom blended indexes based on investment objectives.

GIPS® Performance Calculations Compliant

GIPS® Performance Calculations Compliant

Make Croesus your trusted partner and maintain the highest compliance standards.

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