Innovation, creativity, and people at the heart of the Croesus journey

Innovation, creativity, and people at the heart of the Croesus journey

This interview with Marc Riel, Vice-President, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, North America, is taken from an article in Acclaim magazine, published in March 2024. Click here to read the full article.

What was the winning formula of your firm that explains why you won the WealthTech Americas Awards 2024 in the Innovative client solution category?

As a pioneer in the Canadian WealthTech industry, Croesus has always demonstrated a solid technological track record and has become the preferred technology partner of many chartered banks and large financial institutions. Over the years, wealth management technologies have taken on such an important role that they now influence firms’ business models, profitability, and performance.

For over 35 years, Croesus’s mission has been to contribute to its clients’ success by offering cutting-edge wealth management solutions adapted to their needs and providing best-in-class experience. This approach makes us an exceptional partner and results in a sustained leadership position in the Canadian market. Croesus has invested in a pool of talented employees whose dedication and collaboration allow us to offer clients innovative solutions.

In 2018, Croesus launched Croesus Lab, an internal applied research centre focused on driving innovative ideas that can transform products and services. The lab consists of professionals with Master’s or Ph.D. degrees. Its main goal is to inspire innovation within the company and develop technologies that can be integrated into products or internal processes.

Croesus strives to be an innovative technology leader in the WealthTech industry for the benefit of our clients. The lab also shares knowledge internally and participates in activities to stay at the forefront of technology and establish Croesus as an influential player in the financial technology sector.

To further help our clients, Croesus organizes events, such as the Croesus Finnovation WealthTech conference. During last year’s event, our clients met with our experts to discover how innovative solutions can turn uncertain situations into business opportunities. It is also an opportunity for Croesus to learn more about clients issues and goals to serve their needs.


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