The Croesus Order Entry Module can be integrated with third-party order management systems (OMS) and trades can be sent directly to the market or the trader.

This module simplifies and automates the task of creating and populating trades, while ensuring the quality of the data and data processing to support higher compliance standards.

The Order Entry Module offers:

  • Block trading
  • Trading of equity, option and mutual fund securities
  • Quick overview of all orders: filled, partially filled or pending.
  • Mapping between back-office error messages and specific, messages defined by the firm.
  • Intraday portfolio view

Croesus’ advanced order entry functionalities offer investment professionals:

Enhanced Accuracy

Data pre-population and automation reduces the margin for error when entering an order, ensuring greater accuracy. Data is typically entered through check boxes and drop-down lists. The module also includes a flexible blotter, which allows you to search, filter, sort, total and print orders as needed. The blotter includes all orders that are fully or partially executed, rejected or expired. Block trades are automatically allocated to the proper accounts. Tracing and reconciling orders with current portfolio positions is made much easier.

Increased Efficiency

Orders can be generated from any module within the application. Orders are automatically populated and compiled for approval. Rebalancing a reference model generates a block trade or individual orders for all related accounts, reducing the need for data entry.

Improved Compliance

The Order Entry Module includes several restrictions and compliance verifications to ensure strict adherence to the rules. All orders entered into the system are then sent to your firm’s OMS for processing.