As today’s investors are seeking personalized solutions and advice more than ever before, the SMA/UMA Modeling & Rebalancing Module enables you to gain a competitive edge by customizing your clients’ portfolios.

Croesus advanced modeling functionalities allow you to:
  • Create flexible models and “models of models”
  • Assign different models to an account, client or relationship
  • Easily rebalance hundreds of accounts in a matter of seconds and generate the trades that are necessary for aligning portfolios with their assigned models
  • Consider the restrictions and pre-trade compliance rules you add
  • Define various data attributes for model and rebalancing parameters, such as:
    • Currency, synchronization criteria, tax-efficient rules, multi-level investment objectives, rounding by financial instrument, portfolios and positions to rebalance, etc.
  • Models can be created and modified at the user or firm level.

In short, Croesus SMA/UMA Modeling & Rebalancing Module minimizes the need for manual data entry and eliminates potential errors.

Synchronization Process

The synchronization process is very simple. It only takes a single click to generate a list of the trades or block trades that are necessary for aligning portfolios with the models assigned to them. The results can be sorted by account or by security. Synchronization rules enable you to assign trades to the appropriate accounts. Croesus will then assign the corresponding trades during the rebalancing process. Suggested trades can be modified and re-evaluated to detect any conflicts. Trades can then be exported to the integrated Order Entry Module or to an Excel file.

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Models and Portfolio Rebalancing