Today’s active investors like to know they can see how their investments are faring, if they wish to. Croesus Investor is a secure online solution that provides investors easy access to their accounts and portfolios.

Croesus Investor Client Portal

Using the Croesus Investor secure client portal, users can view their portfolios, performance and transaction history. Information can be displayed for individual or multiple accounts.

Our user friendly client portal is graphically rich. Portfolio information is easy to find and understand.

  • The Portfolio page shows information on all the currently held positions.
  • The Performance page displays data calculated based on GIPS rules.
  • Every transaction can be seen on the Transactions page.
  • The Documents page can be used to share documents between advisors and clients.

Thanks to the What-If feature, Investors may try out investment strategies risk free. They can save these simulations and see how they do over time.

Croesus Investor on Your Website

Our professional services team can help you integrate Croesus Investor into your corporate website.

Using Croesus Investor Functionalities

Your firm can use Croesus Investor API commands to enrich functionalities offered by your website or applications. Croesus Investor API commands ensure seamless integration with third-party software. These commands are available as SOAP web services to allow for the integration of portfolio information in Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA).

Croesus Investor is a secure solution that lets your clients follow their investments and transactions online.

  • Your clients have access to multiple accounts.
    • They can choose to see information specific to a single account.
    • They can also select multiple accounts to view information related to all the selected accounts: total market value, overall asset allocation and performance, etc.
  • The Summary page displays general information.
    • This includes the following: market value, cost basis, net investment, cash balance, margin, accrued dividends and interest, accumulated interest and dividends, and annual income.
    • Current asset allocation and investment objectives in the form of pie charts also appear on this page.
  • The Portfolio page shows all the positions currently held in the selected account or accounts.
    • Detailed information on each position: account number, position quantity, description, adjusted cost base, book value, market price, etc.
    • Your clients can click individual positions to display all the transactions associated with that position.
  • The Performance page shows performance information, based on GIPS calculation rules, using both numbers and charts.
    • Your clients can see the ROI, beginning market value, deposits, withdrawals, revenues, etc.
    • On the Fixed Performance tab, they can see yearly and year to date performance information.
    • On the Cumulative Performance tab, they can view account performance over the selected period: last quarter, semester, year or five years, or since inception.
  • Using the Transactions page, your clients can see all their transactions.
    • They can choose to see transactions over the last month, six months, year, etc.
    • They can also choose the type of transactions they are looking for: purchases, sells, dividends, etc.
    • Transactions can also be exported to their computer in the form of text files.
  • With the What-If feature, your clients can create fictitious accounts from existing accounts or from scratch. They can add, edit and delete positions, see the impact on the allocation and follow the evolution of the securities over time.
  • Finally, you can also securely share documents, such as prospectuses and market studies, with your clients.