Croesus, Developer of human wealth

Croesus, Developer of human wealth

Croesus is rolling out its new employer brand today. Its slogan “Developer of human wealth” reflects how much the organization cares about the well-being of its employees, customers, and partners.

Each year, Croesus’s commitment to being a model employer is recognized through numerous awards, including Canada’s Best Managed Companies, Best Small and Medium Employers, and Montreal’s Top Employers.

“We don’t stop there. We’re creative and we want to innovate to continually improve,” said Yanie Bernier, Director of Talent and Culture for Croesus’s Employee Experience team. To fully understand the new employer brand, Croesus spoke with its main architect.

Croesus (C): What is an employer brand?

Yanie Bernier (Y.B.): It’s the heart of the employee experience, what the company communicates to its employees and the job market. But beyond appearances, the employer brand reflects the values, the DNA, the employer promise, and the day-to-day experience of the organizational culture.

C: What does the new employer brand actually change?

Y.B. On top of building on Croesus’s core values and DNA, we’ve included the employees in the process. The result is more accurate and better adapted to our reality.
Our first goal is to ensure that current employees are fulfilled professionally and that they want to continue working at Croesus. We then have to consider the attractiveness factor for new talent. By making us known, employer branding helps us target candidates who would be happy to join and stay with Croesus.

C: What does “Developer of human wealth” mean?

Y.B. Croesus’s core values remain the same ‒ fun, respect, integrity, collaboration, and ethics. From these values, we have developed four main themes.

Human like Croesus highlights the human aspect, which has always been at the heart of our organization. The company’s objective is to ensure its sustainability to secure jobs for the well-being of families. In concrete terms, this is achieved in several ways. For example, we never make a business decision without thinking about our employees. We’re also committed to offering a constantly improving employee experience to better meet the changing needs of employees throughout their personal and professional development.

Open like Croesus emphasizes our ability to listen and relate. We have a streamlined organization with simple relationships and accessible leaders. We are open to ideas, new perspectives, and suggestions for improvement. And of course, we operate in Agile mode.

Free like Croesus reflects the spirit of initiative so highly valued by the organization. Employees are given the latitude they need to make a real difference. Autonomy and freedom are often mentioned when employees are surveyed.

Finally, as for Inclusive like Croesus, it refers to the richness of our differences, whether it be origin, age, gender identity, or any other feature.

C: What sets Croesus apart from the competition in terms of employer of choice?

Y.B. Of course, our total compensation package, professional development and employment conditions are competitive. We’re highly flexible, and we provide excellent work-life balance. That’s what everyone is trying to do.

But what sets us apart is that we focus on a memorable and human employee experience. This begins as soon as you hear about Croesus, even before the talent acquisition process begins, and continues throughout the employee experience cycle at Croesus. We want that cycle to be filled with meaningful moments that will make the experience a positive one.

In practice, this means a pleasant work environment, a warm atmosphere, our Happiness Guru, and monthly company events. We also encourage employees to continuously improve their day-to-day experience.

The employer is not alone in creating these special moments. Employees also have a part to play, because at Croesus, participation is crucial. This way, the experience is positive, no matter who you interact with in the organization.

Of course, nothing is perfect, and that’s what employer branding is all about. It’s about keeping the company’s culture in focus and constantly improving.


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