Croesus helps its clients to be CRM2 compliant

Croesus helps its clients to be CRM2 compliant

As an Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC) affiliate, Croesus supports the financial services industry by participating in various Client Relationship Model – Phase 2 (CRM2) working groups.

To assist its wealth management clients in becoming CRM2 compliant, Croesus has developed various solutions that address the increasing regulatory requirements they are facing. Our solutions include:

  • Internal rate of return calculations
  • Flexible performance reports, gross and net of fees
  • Data extractions via Croesus APIs that populate third-party applications. Croesus APIs also provide you with the ability to generate a variety of statements and performance and portfolio-level calculations.

Investment Executive CRM2 Panel – September 2015
David Mastroberardino, Croesus Product Director


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