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T​he ​power of advanced search criteria

Drill down into the data and leverage custom views or exported lists to be better organized. View RRSP accounts without contributions or clients holding RRSPs turning 71 years old to prepare for RRIF account openings.


Tips and tricks for quick and easy navigation

Be more efficient and productive! Discover practical ways to navigate Croesus.



Take advantage of this powerful and flexible module​​. Quickly create and manage​ relationships​, generate reports, and export data to MS Word for mailing lists.​


The ​​possibilities of the Portfolio module

Manage multiple portfolios, change your asset allocation view, and create detailed proposals for prospective and existing clients.


Take advantage of the Dashboard

Explore what the Dashboard module has to offer with useful suggestions to help you organize your priorities. We cover tips and best practices for actionable items, contact management, task assignment, and more.



Discover the most commonly used reports, parameters, and options. Learn how to add a custom cover page and work with saved report packages.

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