In today’s fast-paced environment, investment professionals need to be in constant contact with their clients, whether from the office, on the road or when working from home.

Croesus Mobile Advisor provides you with the most advanced tools to guarantee your clients uninterrupted service with total information security. You can access critical client information anytime, anywhere from a hand-held device. The application allows you to communicate efficiently with your clients and react quickly to requests and changes in market conditions.

The data displayed is never stored on the device to ensure total security.

Croesus Mobile Advisor allows investment professionals to:

Share Information with Teammates and Investors

Share information and communicate with your clients through the secure, real-time Croesus Mobile Investor. For compliance and reference, all communications are saved. Add written or voice notes, and send notes to teammates.

Instantly Access Critical Client Information

View your client list, including contact information, account numbers, total values and reports at the account, client or relationship level.

View Critical Account Related Data

View portfolios, currency, cash balances, total values and performance. Access information on each position held, including the symbol, quantity, market price for the last business day, market value, average cost base, book value, investment cost, invested capital, percentage of total value, positive & negative cash balances, maturing bonds, and expiring options.

Access Croesus Mobile Investor

You can access Croesus Mobile Investor and show your clients their specific account information, such as portfolio details, performance, projected income, asset allocation, transactions and reports.

Croesus Mobile Advisor and Croesus Mobile Investor, running on iOS and Android systems, will be available soon.

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