Launch of Croesus Finnovation 2022: From Endeavour to Ingenuity

Launch of Croesus Finnovation 2022: From Endeavour to Ingenuity

Montréal, Québec, Canada – June 1, 2022

The line-up for Canada’s annual wealth management technology conference Croesus Finnovation 2022 was unveiled today. Participants will learn how to capitalize on key trends in wealth management by leveraging the latest in wealth management technology in order to exceed their business objectives.

“Wealth management technologies have been evolving at a rapid pace for several years now. The tools available to professionals are light years ahead of what was available ten years ago, and the potential for development is immense,” said Sylvain Simpson, President of Croesus. “At the two Finnovation 2022 events in Montréal and Toronto, we will be showcasing current opportunities and launching innovative tools that will transform the industry.”

Dr. Dave Williams in Toronto

The first part of Finnovation 2022 will be held on September 16 in Toronto from noon to 7 p.m. A remarkable Canadian, Dr. Dave Williams, will host the opening keynote luncheon. As an astronaut, emergency physician, and aquanaut, Dr. Williams has used technology to achieve excellence throughout his career. In addition to being the first non-American to hold a senior management position at NASA, he has been to space twice and achieved the Canadian record for total spacewalks (17 hours 47 minutes). He has extensive experience leading organizations, in which uncontrolled risks can have far-reaching consequences.

Through numerous anecdotes, he will address topics such as risk management, leadership, resilience, motivation, team building, team work, health and wellbeing.

Alexandre Bilodeau in Montréal

The second part of Finnovation 2022 will be held on October 13 in Montréal from noon to 7 p.m. Two-time gold medalist in freestyle skiing at the Vancouver and Sochi Olympic Games, Alexandre Bilodeau, will host the opening keynote luncheon.

Bilodeau is an accomplished world-class athlete and financial professional who has always performed through technological innovation. He is now a senior advisor at Walter Capital Partners, where he works on potential acquisitions, due diligence processes, and business support.

By sharing his experiences in sports, he encourages financial professionals to follow the same high-performance standard as elite athletes. He discusses finding balance in change, managing the uncontrollable, the strength of a team and how to learn from failure to stay on top.

Networking and innovative digital tools

“Finnovation 2022 is an opportunity not only to learn about technological innovations, but also to interact with industry professionals and expand your network through networking events throughout the event,” said Mr. Simpson.

For information on programming, speakers, and sponsorship opportunities, and to register, visit Croesus Finnovation 2022, and follow #FinnovationCroesus2022 on social media.

For finance professionals

The Croesus Finnovation 2022 program has been specifically designed for portfolio managers, investment advisors, and their assistants from financial institutions, as well as wealth management and financial planning firms. The goal of the event is to optimize the use of wealth management platforms to capitalize on new technologies.

About Croesus
Founded in 1987, Croesus is a WealthTech offering cutting-edge, easy to use, and highly secure wealth management solutions. A leader in the sector with over 180 employees in Montréal and Toronto, Croesus’s solutions include a portfolio management system, a centralized portfolio rebalancing tool and application programming interfaces (APIs) which allow wealth management professionals to make informed decisions and maximize performance. The solutions are designed for interconnectivity and third-party integration to provide a best-in-class user experience and cover investment process regulatory requirements. Croesus has won several awards and industry recognition as a high-quality product supplier and a remarkable employer.

Frédéric Le Bouar
Director of Product Marketing and Business Promotion

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