Croesus’s employees united for the cause

Croesus’s employees united for the cause

Montréal, December 3, 2019 – Croesus announces the launch of a new initiative called United for the cause. This initiative allows employees to be directly involved in the annual donations given by Croesus to various foundations.

One of the core values of Croesus is giving back to the community, either in the form of financial aid or by encouraging volunteering. The FinTech gives 0.5% of its revenues as charitable donations to foundations that promote physical and mental health, education and that support disadvantaged families.

In total, twenty-seven foundations were submitted for this initiative and three of them were selected: the Véro & Louis foundation, the Association québécoise de voile adaptée, and Covenant House. They will respectively receive $6000, $2000, and $2000. The final vote was conducted during the company offsite. The employees were asked to vote for the foundation who would receive the largest donation. The Véro & Louis foundation gained the vast majority of the votes. Its mission is to create living environments adapted to the specific needs of over adults, over the age of 21, affected by the autism spectrum. The goal is to provide them with a home for the rest of their lives.

About Croesus
Founded in 1987, Croesus is a FinTech offering cutting-edge, easy to use, and highly secure wealth management solutions. With over 180 employees in Montréal and Toronto, the Canadian leader draws on expertise and know-how to provide products and services tailored to the needs of the financial services industry. Its portfolio management solutions and application programming interfaces (APIs) maximize performance, and its data analytics tool allows financial services professionals to make informed decisions. Through the years, Croesus has won several awards as a high-quality product vendor, as well as an employer of choice. In 2019, Croesus acquired softTarget, a company specializing in portfolio rebalancing, whose flagship software iBalance is being integrated with its sophisticated solutions offering.

Frédéric Le Bouar
Director of Product Marketing and Business Promotion

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