Croesus, Ally of Kristel Ngarlem’s Olympic Dream

Croesus, Ally of Kristel Ngarlem’s Olympic Dream

Montréal, September 16, 2019 — Croesus, Canada’s leading wealth management solutions provider has today unveiled its alliance with weightlifter Kristel Ngarlem. This initiative is in line with a charitable project undertaken by Croesus in 2019.

The Ally of Your Dream project aims to support the Olympic aspirations of young Canadian athletes juggling the daily challenges of living their passion for sport, their financial responsibilities, and the pursuit of their academic career. The support provided by Croesus is primarily financial, however Croesus will also provide visibility and the support of its employees who will follow the athlete’s journey on the road to achieving her ultimate goal.

After an exhaustive search and several interviews with potential candidates, Croesus chose Kristel as the athlete for this project. The FinTech and the athlete share the same core values in addition to being both socially engaged towards the community. The young athlete’s dynamic personality also played a major role in the final decision.

“Kristel’s story and her charitable initiatives really resonated with us. She is a dedicated, determined young woman with great strength of mind. From our first meeting, we felt a strong affinity for her and knew that we wanted to support her every step of the way on her journey to achieving her dreams,” stated Jessica Caruso, Director, Marketing and Communications at Croesus.

Kristel Ngarlem began weightlifting at the age of ten, when she was inspired by one of the characters from the French Canadian movie La mystérieuse Mademoiselle C. Over the last year, she has won three silver medals at the Las Vegas International Open, two bronze medals, and achieved one personal record at the Pan American weightlifting championships as well as two bronze medals and one silver medal at the South American, Ibero-American & Open Senior Championships.

Now at the age of twenty-four, the Canadian champion (76 kg) is in a favorable position to represent Canada at the next Olympic Games. She is working tirelessly for the 2020 qualifications while pursuing her studies in criminology and victimology at the Université de Montréal.

“Giving your all to a sport requires a great deal of determination and perseverance. In addition to effort, athletes also need moral and financial support while heading toward their Olympic dream. Thanks to Croesus’ project, I am one step closer to mine and I am more than ready to meet the challenge with them by my side,” said Kristel Ngarlem

You can follow Kristel’s journey on Croesus’ social media channels. Her accomplishments will be shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, including her participation in the 2019 World Weightlifting Championships held in Pattaya, Thailand from September 18 to 27.

About Croesus
Founded in 1987, Croesus is a FinTech offering cutting-edge, easy to use, and highly secure wealth management solutions. With over 180 employees in Montréal and Toronto, the Canadian leader draws on expertise and know-how to provide products and services tailored to the needs of the financial services industry. Its portfolio management solutions and application programming interfaces (APIs) maximize performance, and its data analytics tool allows financial services professionals to make informed decisions. Through the years, Croesus has won several awards as a high-quality product vendor, as well as an employer of choice. In 2019, Croesus acquired softTarget, a company specializing in portfolio rebalancing, whose flagship software iBalance is being integrated with its sophisticated solutions offering.

Frédéric Le Bouar
Director of Product Marketing and Business Promotion

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