With the increasingly competitive environment in the wealth management industry in 2012, 3Macs recognized they needed to offer clients an enhanced value proposition. They decided to invest in technology by providing their advisors and portfolio managers access to Croesus Advisor, a portfolio management software.


Once 3Macs had decided to invest time and resources in a portfolio management software, the real challenge came in the form of adoption. Advisors and portfolio managers were reticent about changing from their current front office system. They were unfamiliar with the breadth of product features and benefits and had not received in-depth guidance on leveraging the product in their daily business.

“All of these issues changed once our Croesus Account Manager, Louis Potvin, and I took the bull by the horns”
Judy Cochrane, Chief Operating Officer, Head Trader

Solutions & Benefits

A comprehensive training program mandatory for 3Mac staff was developed to increase the usage of Croesus Advisor. Before the program began, Croesus trainers interviewed current users to determine how the software was being used so that the training material could be tailored to their specific needs. A feedback survey was also conducted so that the trainers were constantly aware of the needs of advisors and portfolio managers. Initially there was resistance, however once in the training, the users immediately recognized the benefits of the software.

“The hands-on, engaging approach used by the Croesus training team is what made the really big difference”
Judy Cochrane

Once Croesus and 3Mac were aligned, they became partners in the successful implementation of the software. Sharing system knowledge remains a priority for 3Macs. They continue to hold bi-monthly training sessions and post user tips to the system. The structured approach and commitment from both parties is what ultimately contributed to the ongoing usage and adoption of Croesus wealth management solutions.

“The efficiency of our Advisors increased by 65% with the implementation of Croesus”
Judy Cochrane

Judy Cochrane

Judy Cochrane
Chief Operating Officer, Head Trader


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Independent wealth management firm serving individuals and families

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Founded in 1849, 3Macs (MacDougall, MacDougall & MacTier Inc.) is one of Canada’s most respected independent employee-owned investment dealers, serving investors and their families wealth management needs. Beginning with the belief that a client’s interests are best served through careful analysis of their current situation, future goals and individual circumstances, 3Macs is home to some of Canada’s most experienced advisors and portfolio managers, who provide custom tailored solutions and highly personalized wealth management services.


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