The user in you

The user in you

by Robert Bouchard, UX Analyst

As a company evolves, meeting the needs and demands of all its clients represents a growing challenge. While one client may long for a specific new feature, another would like us to avoid integrating it at all costs. Meanwhile, our team might like to completely change the software interface. So how can we accommodate one party without detriment to others? This question is at the heart of the user experience. Fortunately, managing everyone’s expectations becomes a lot simpler by leveraging specific tools such as personas. Just to give you a bit of background, let’s return to the early years of Croesus.

In 1986, Rémy Therrien developed the first version of portfolio management software that would later become Croesus. At the beginning, Rémy was the only programmer to serve his single mandating client. In order to offer a product that met the expectations and needs of its future user, a discussion was initiated to better understand that user’s multifaceted reality. The very first version of the portfolio management software was the result.

As Croesus has become increasingly successful, new clients and users have adopted the FinTech’s solutions. New realities and new needs are incorporated in Croesus’s design. With thirty-three years clocked up, nearly two hundred employees and fifteen thousand users, how can Croesus possibly maintain synergy between all parties? Bridging the gap between the reality of Croesus’s employees and that of its users is where the creation of personas comes into play.

The word persona references the theatrical masks worn by Romans to personify the characters they played, and which helped an actor slip into their role. Personas are used in a similar way when it comes to user experience. They allow teams to step into the users’ shoes, and help them better understand the users’ reality when designing new features or products.

One of the most common methods used when creating personas involves conducting a series of interviews with current or potential users to get to better know them. The results are then analyzed to identify key archetypes. These archetypes are defined with information such as first name, age, level of education, job, personality, interests, marital status, specific hobbies.

Here is an example of a persona that could be used by a marketing, product, or user experience team.

As a leader in wealth management solutions, our FinTech seeks to innovate the client and user experience. Over the years, we have launched several initiatives to develop reliable custom products and services that are adapted to the everyday work of professionals in the financial services industry. At this time, we are asking our current and potential users, as well as any individual working in the financial field, to complete a short online survey. The information gathered will help us create personas, so we can continue offering you the very best. To thank you, an electronic gift card worth CAN$500 will be randomly drawn among participants.

Click here to complete the survey.

The survey will be open from July 11, 2019, to October 27, 2019. Click here for the full draw rules.

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