The Croesus Fintour Donates $5000 to the Fusion Jeunesse Foundation

The Croesus Fintour Donates $5000 to the Fusion Jeunesse Foundation

Montreal, Quebec, September 25, 2017— On September 21, the members of the Croesus Fintour gathered at the Château Taillefer-Lafon for the last trip of the 2017 season.

From May to September, the Montreal and Toronto groups gathered monthly in local vineyards. The gatherings were started off with a cycling trip, and then followed by a networking cocktail. On several occasions, members had the opportunities to visit the facilities and learn more about the local products served on-site.

The Croesus Fintour aims to raise funds for the Fusion Jeunesse charity, whose goal is to combat school dropout rates through several projects in the fields of sciences and computer sciences, among others. We are proud to announce that, thanks to the generosity of our participants and Croesus’ contribution, $5000 will be donated to the foundation.

“We wish to thank our sponsors and members, as well as all employees who have participated to the first Fintour’s resounding success. Thanks to their contributions, we had the opportunity to support a great cause and make a difference in the life of teenagers,” said Sylvain Simpson, President of Croesus.

About Croesus
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Frédéric Le Bouar
Director of Product Marketing and Business Promotion

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