Croesus Central

Modeling and automated rebalancing solution

Croesus Central is a flexible rebalancing solution that brings together modeling, automated rebalancing, and compliance monitoring.

Croesus Central

Automated rebalancing solution


Automate rebalancing

Customizable solution

Ensure intrinsic compliance

Optimize after-tax returns

Solution overview

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Modeling and automated rebalancing


Give your clients and advisors flexibility:

  • Maximization of operational efficiency
  • Minimization of compliance risks
  • Reduction in accounting costs
  • No additional overheads
  • Customizable solution for each user
  • Support modelling at the UMA, UMH and SMA levels with ability to segregate for externally managed accounts/sleeves
  • Minimization of churn, trading cost, and tax implications from unnecessary or excessive trading

Croesus Central accommodates a wide range of clients and lets you choose the best way to manage them through multiple models.

Integrated compliance workflow gives you all the control you need while aligning the manager’s investment strategy with client investment policy statements and compliance.

Intrinsic compliance


Improving the productivity of your work:

  • Ensure continuous compliance and reduce breaches using multi-level constraints
  • Save time and resources with the automated compliance breach resolution module
  • Speed up compliance work with Croesus Central’s library of over 100 predefined rules

Automated order management


The solution supports many market-leading OMS:

  • Electronic messaging and queuing with large trading systems
  • View of fiscal and compliance impacts of proposed transactions
  • Global and team-based view of all pending transactions in trade blotter

Croesus Central

Experience it yourself, see the difference



Croesus Central

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