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Basic training

Course: CF-101

Overview of Croesus

New users


Discover Croesus’ core modules, learn tips and tricks for a better user experience, and develop a general understanding of portfolio management and CRM software.


  • Navigation through the various modules
  • An overview of data fields, tabs, buttons and window sub-sections
  • The review of client, account and relationship details, portfolio asset allocation and performance
  • Alternative data views using search criteria and quick filters
  • Dashboard customization and other configurations
Course: CF-102

Croesus for the investment advisor

1 day
Access to Croesus
Investment advisors and portfolio managers


Provide investment advisors a variety of tools and the basic knowledge necessary to maximize their use of the application and better serve their clients.


  • Capture important client information (identify products & services, manage profiles, investment objectives)
  • Quickly create and efficiently manage relationships and their underlying accounts
  • Produce attractive proposals for prospective clients
  • Generate reports and graphs based on search criteria
  • Manage portfolios following investment objectives and restrictions in accordance with client IPS
  • View portfolio performance and asset allocation
  • Identify holders of specific securities and view position details
  • Increase your productivity and tend to daily tasks using the Dashboard
Course: CF-103

Croesus for the administrative assistant

1 day
Access to Croesus
Administrative assistant


This course is designed for assistants to maximize their use of the Croesus application, providing the tools to efficiently perform daily tasks in order to better support and serve advisors and their clients.


  • Efficiently manage the agenda and assign events and tasks to advisors and other team members
  • Archive documents and emails messages in a central location
  • Rapidly generate reports for multiple clients, accounts or relationships
  • Review the previous day’s transactions and historical account activity
  • Customize the Dashboard to maximize productivity
  • Create lists using search criteria for mass mailing/segmentation, reports or campaigns
  • Maintain important client information and notes
  • Quickly view portfolio performance, asset allocation, account balances and market values
Course: CF-104

What’s new in Croesus V9

CF-102 or CF-103
(Previous version)
All users


This course is designed for existing clients migrating to the latest version of Croesus. It introduces the new functionalities and available options.


General overview of enhancements, such as:

  • The applications new look and feel
  • Compare and pin down multiple portfolios
  • View fund asset allocation breakdown and export historical data within securities module
  • The ability to view contributions and withdrawals details for registered accounts
  • Firm restrictions applied to search criteria results
  • Step by step model rebalancing and cash management
  • Adhoc rebalancing of clients, accounts and relationships based on an existing model

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