The Croesus Reporting Module offers more than 40 different customizable reports, enabling you to enhance client relationships through transparent communications.


Thousands of reports can be processed simultaneously in different branches, each one with a different setup, layout and calculations, without impacting network performance.

Customized Data and Design

Croesus provides a wide variety of reports, each with its own inherent parameters, allowing for flexibility in data presentation and appearance. Financial as well as non-financial data can be used and reports can be generated for any specific historical date or date range up to and including the previous business day.

Recurring and Personalized Report Packages

You can create report packages and assign them to accounts, clients or relationships. The report settings can be saved along with the reports and printed or emailed on a regular basis or as needed. In order to customize the report packages, you can attach external documents, such as newsletters, personalized cover letters, etc.

Archiving and Managing Reports

Each time a report is generated and emailed, an entry is created in the client’s contact history and can be archived in the Content Management Module.

Target Audience

Croesus produces reports intended for accounts/clients/relationships (portfolio evaluations, gains and losses, etc.), investment professionals (security holders, maturity reports, etc.) branch managers and Compliance Departments (investment objective summaries, performance summary reports, etc.) among other recipients.

Multiple Language and Currency Options

Reports can be generated in the recipient’s preferred language and in any supported currency.

Expand Your Marketing Efforts

Promote new services, add notes, attach additional financial information and increase brand awareness by creating exclusive templates with customizable colors and graphics.

See Sample Reports

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