Add Croesus information and functions to business and client applications.

Integration Tools - Portfolio vs Objectives

Croesus APIs

Application Program Interfaces (APIs) allow developers to exchange information between Croesus and other applications through a range of standard protocols. New ones can be developed to answer specific requirements.

Third-Party Integrations

Croesus has integrations with some of the largest and most respected financial service technology firms in the industry. See our list of partners.

Integration Tools - Projected Income
Integration Tools - Invested Capital
Integration Tools - Performance

Croesus UI Widgets

UI Widgets provide complex Croesus information through a simple visualization or a streamlined table – directly to a web browser, smartphone or tablet. These visual containers are integrated into advisor or investor applications to give a seamless view of portfolio information. Using cascading style sheets, Croesus UI Widgets are easily customized to match the look of any web or mobile application.

Integration Capabilities

  • XML
  • SOAP
  • RESTfull Web Services
  • Widgets
  • Web Shooter
  • Batch or Real Time
  • FIX