The Croesus portfolio management solution provides a centralized storehouse to manage shared documents and communications between investment professionals and their clients.

The Content Management Module allows you to store all of the electronic documents in relation to a client, including emails and reports. Documents can be shared between team members, facilitating access to important information. Notes and comments can be added to create an audit trail for each item.

Increased Productivity

Croesus provides a central information repository for all client communications. Finding or filing new documents becomes easier and quicker. Email conversations are automatically archived and can be retrieved at any time. Users can link documents directly to a client or a relationship. Comments can be added to a document by anyone with access rights and the information will be automatically distributed to the appropriate people.


The Content Management Module can manage a wide variety of file types, including Microsoft Word and Excel, Adobe PDF and audio files. Documents are saved in their original format for easy retrieval.

Greater Security & Compliance

The access rights to documents follow the permissions for access to client information. All documents stored in the Croesus repository are set as read-only by default. Only explicitly authorized users can edit a document. The system will retain both the original document and the newly edited version. A full audit trail is established to ensure that the Content Management Module is fully compliant.

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