Fully configurable according to each user’s management style and role, the Dashboard Module proactively monitors data based on customizable rules and can also be used as a notification tool.

Both financial and non-financial data can be used to create custom Dashboard monitors, such as:
  • Investment objective variances
  • Cash balance management (positive/negative)
  • Expiring options
  • Expiring orders
  • Maturing bonds
  • Client birthdays
  • And much more…

The benefits of the Dashboard Module include:

Enhanced Client Relationships

As the Dashboard is a proactive system, users are alerted to important account information that can be customized for each client. This allows you to react quickly to situations and build trust with your clients.

Increased Productivity

Critical portfolio information is organized and monitored daily. Manual searches through complex data are no longer necessary.

Greater Internal Control

The Dashboard Module establishes superior internal controls by providing an overview of important aggregated data. Users can establish their own criteria to track the information that is most critical to them.

Reduced Compliance Risk

The Dashboard Module helps branch and firm managers quickly detect any situation that needs to be addressed.

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