By providing a 360º view of client and household information, the Croesus integrated CRM Module helps you better manage your interactions and strengthen your client relationships.

The CRM Module enables you to:

Respond to Clients’ Needs
  • Group clients based on their assets or their family, social and business ties to identify and prioritize those clients that require the most attention.
  • Using the Customer Network tool, manage customers and prospects according to their assets and influence.
  • Conduct searches based on financial and non-financial information using natural language.
  • Maintain detailed information on clients, prospects and referrals, including KYC information.
Improve Team Communication
  • Croesus provides an Agenda and Task Manager, allowing users and team members to book appointments, share schedules and assign tasks.
  • Agendas and tasks can be synchronized with Outlook and smartphones for increased efficiency.
Design Targeted Marketing Campaigns
  • Design targeted marketing and sales efforts with the Campaign Management tool.
  • Choose your target audience, send bulk emails, manage responses and track results with greater efficiency.

Outlook Compatibility

Outlook Compatibility
Transfer appointments and tasks from Microsoft Outlook to Croesus.

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