Official Launch of Croesus Data Analytics

Official Launch of Croesus Data Analytics

Montréal, Quebec, February 8, 2017 – Croesus announces the official launch of Croesus Data Analytics, a business intelligence tool designed to help users make informed decisions and track the growth and profitability of their business.

Unlocking critical data with its intuitive digital interface, Croesus Data Analytics transforms data into information. Users can delve into the key sectors of their business based on demographic data, products, client segments and income sources.

“We strive to offer products that meet our clients’ needs, driving their business to new heights. Croesus Data Analytics helps our clients do more than just understand the data, it helps them leverage it,” said David Mastroberardino, Product Director.

By providing an overview of relevant and accurate data, this tool makes it easy to oversee company growth and profitability with key performance indicators. It is that much simpler to identify clients and other sources generating growth. To learn more about Croesus Data Analytics, please visit:

About Croesus
Since 1987, Croesus has been providing sophisticated wealth management solutions to financial institutions throughout North America. Currently, 10,000 investment professionals use Croesus solutions to manage over $900 billion in assets. With its 185 dedicated employees, Croesus has built a reputation on the ability to efficiently transform data into information, develop portfolio management solutions to drive efficiency and deliver business intelligence for fact-based decision-making. Croesus works with its clients as partners, and the company’s goal is to ensure their long-term success. To add value, Croesus actively listens, learns and engages with them to develop technology solutions that are innovative, flexible and secure. Over the years, the company has built a culture based on core values related to work/life balance, personal development and giving back to the community. Croesus is a “PME en lumière 2016” winner and is recognized as one of the “Best Managed Companies”, “Remarkable Employer—Ethnocultural Diversity”, “Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers”, and one of the “top 300 most important companies in Quebec”. Croesus’s offices are located in Montreal, Toronto and San Diego.

Frédéric Le Bouar
Director of Product Marketing and Business Promotion

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