Technology planning and purchase decisions
are driven by a number of key questions:

  • What is the return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership for the technology?
  • Does it meet my firm regulatory and security requirements?
  • Do I have the resources and expertise to implement the technology?
  • Does the technology deliver productivity gains for my distribution and sales teams?
  • How does the technology deliver a competitive advantage to my business?


Croesus provides an evolving platform that delivers seamless portfolio management, CRM and business intelligence solutions. This product evolution is critical to maintaining strategic flexibility for your wealth management business as the market, and the technology that drives it, evolves at an ever-accelerating pace.

Working with Croesus enables you to:

  • Build a more efficient business
  • Lower technology expenditure, increase ROI
  • Keep pace with rapidly changing technology

Croesus Proven Track Record

We have the expertise to deliver complex technology solutions to large organizations efficiently and effectively, and minimize the ongoing technical and financial impact through SaaS delivery. Croesus has proven experience in managing security and regulatory requirements that are demanded by large, multinational banks and investment management firms.

Case Study

Monique Gravel - CIBC Wood Gundy Inc.

“We have taken technology in hand. Technology is the core area to improve productivity. We put all our efforts to change our portfolio management system. We had two systems before and combined them into one with a Software as a Service firm that focuses uniquely on this product and they really helped us move to state-of-the-art position.”

– Monique Gravel, Managing Director and Head of CIBC Wood Gundy Inc.