A FinTech with a human touch

A FinTech with a human touch

In today’s competitive landscape, financial institutions need technological partners who understand their challenges and offer tailored support. FinTech providers who prioritize a human approach are best positioned to become true strategic allies.

This philosophy has been at the core of Croesus since its founding in 1987. As a leading financial technology company, Croesus develops secure, robust, and high-performance portfolio management solutions. These solutions improve the efficiency, accuracy and daily tasks of wealth management professionals.

“At Croesus, our client experience is fundamentally human. We strive to simplify and humanize wealth management by building genuine partnerships with our clients,” says Luc Larose.

Croesus asked its Vice President of Client Experience to explain what client experience means at Croesus.

Croesus: What is Croesus’ approach to its clients?

Larose: We are approachable, pragmatic, and solution-oriented. We seek to understand our clients’ context and challenges to better help them achieve their goals. We are open-minded and willing to take calculated risks to support our clients, because we believe that our success is intertwined with theirs. Combined with the quality and breadth of our solutions, this approach makes us a partner of choice.

Croesus: How does this translate into concrete actions on a daily basis?

Larose: Our human approach translates into constant availability and exemplary responsiveness. For instance, if a client needs to talk to me, they send me an email or a text message. I will take the time to listen to them, understand their needs, and we will find solutions together, also involving our experts.

This executive-level engagement facilitates decision-making and strengthens the relationship of trust. That’s why sometimes our clients call on us in brainstorming mode or when they are going through a crisis. It’s proof that we are able to give them valuable insights and help them achieve their goals.

Moreover, we are sincere and transparent. We do not hesitate to acknowledge the challenges and take the necessary steps to adjust. We go beyond the simple client-supplier relationship by positioning ourselves as true advisors, accompanying them in their operational and strategic challenges.

Croesus: Does the fact that Croesus is not a tech giant facilitate this human connection?

Larose: Our human scale is certainly an advantage. It allows us to be more agile, more responsive, and to offer direct access to decision-makers. This greatly simplifies interactions and fosters a relationship of trust with our clients.

Unlike larger providers, we are more flexible in our interpretation of contract terms. While the contract is important for outlining the business relationship, we believe in open communication and collaboration. If there is a situation that was not foreseen in the contract, we discuss it and find solutions.

However, our human approach goes beyond our size. It’s a matter of corporate culture and a sincere desire to put the client and the user at the centre of our concerns.

Croesus: Despite its size, does Croesus meet the needs of its clients and offer them innovative, cutting-edge solutions?

Larose: Absolutely! For 35 years, we have adapted our solutions to the evolving technologies and business needs of our clients. This has allowed us to develop a wide range of features that make us competitive in the international market. We are aware that technology is evolving at a breakneck pace, and we make sure to stay at the forefront of innovation.

Our applied research centre, Croesus Lab, allows us to explore new technologies such as artificial intelligence and integrate them into our solutions responsibly and effectively.

In addition, our migration to the cloud and the adoption of new databases ensure increased flexibility and scalability, allowing us to adapt to technological changes and meet the expectations of our clients.

Croesus: How does Croesus’ value proposition go beyond surface-level aspects to address the deeper needs of your clients?

Larose: Our clients initially choose us for our reputation, expertise, human-centric approach, and proven ability to deliver solutions. They stay with us because we are reliable, transparent, and deeply committed to their success. We build lasting relationships based on trust and mutual understanding, creating a stable and predictable framework for collaboration that allows us to support their growth over the long term.

Croesus: What does Croesus rely on to stand out in the international market?

Larose: In the international market, we differentiate ourselves through our comprehensive and integrated approach. We combine in-depth expertise in wealth management, cutting-edge portfolio rebalancing solutions, and an open architecture based on API development, which allows for seamless integration of partner solutions with our own. This approach enables us to offer comprehensive, flexible, and high-performing solutions that are perfectly tailored to each client’s needs.

Our current expansion into the Swiss market illustrates this adaptability. We have brought on board local experts who have a deep understanding of the specificities and requirements of this market. Their expertise, combined with our human-centric approach and cutting-edge technological expertise, makes Croesus a partner of choice for wealth management players in Switzerland.


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