Awards and competitions open golden opportunities

Awards and competitions open golden opportunities

by Julie Cournoyer, Marketing Advisor

As an advisor, your reputation and credibility are your best allies for driving business development efforts. To rev up your reputation and boost visibility within the industry, you have a myriad of options to choose from: social media networks, content sharing in your field of expertise, client testimonials, and networking events. Among the less well-known options is participating in awards and competitions that support and recognize companies in the finance industry – an option that could prove beneficial to you and your firm in a number of ways.

Gain insight

When you apply for a competition, you must answer a variety of questions about different aspects of your practice. This is an opportunity to gain insight and pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses as a wealth management professional. No matter the outcome, win or lose, you’re presented with a chance to take stock of your wins. The rationale behind the selection of winners is very frequently disclosed, so it’s also easy to compare yourself with the competition. In addition, organizers usually provide feedback to candidates to help them identify where they have excelled and where they should put in more effort.

Increase visibility

When you are recognized as an awards finalist or winner, you benefit from exceptional visibility in your field. You cash in on free exposure within the industry. More often than not, the names of participants and winners are published on social networks, the website of the award organizer and its partners, in trade journals, and newspapers. This recognition, which underscores the excellence of your services and your value as an advisor, can only be advantageous in convincing people to trust your wealth management expertise!

Meet and greet

Often, where there are awards, there are galas! These evenings offer you a chance to have fun and meet potential business partners and prospects. It is not uncommon for journalists to be invited to these events, which are also an opportunity to benefit from significant media visibility.

Take a bow

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, there is no denying that it just feels good to bask in the recognition and take a bow for all your work. You give it your all every day to grow your business and provide unparalleled service to your customers. You deserve your golden moment!

Top industry awards and events

Croesus has participated in various industry competitions over the years. The number of awards earned confirms Croesus’s position as a leader in wealth management solutions and as an employer of choice. The FinTech continually strives to surpass itself in order to offer its partners, clients, users, and employees the very best. How about you? Ready to outshine yourself?


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