As today’s investors value trust and personalized advice above all else, your brand, your reputation and the quality of your client relationships are your main differentiating factors.

Croesus enables you to gain a competitive edge by building trust and providing value to your clients through:

Customized portfolios
  • Build models and “models of models”
  • Define data attributes and restrictions in modeling and rebalancing parameters
  • Create what-if scenarios
  • Develop custom indexes
Transparent communications
  • Manage shared documents and communications between your team members or with clients
  • Generate net and gross fee return reports
  • Offer your clients a secure, online view of their portfolio status via web and mobile access
  • Show portfolios by asset class, region, currency, maturity, etc.
Flexible business practices
  • Create unlimited custom dashboard monitors using both financial and non-financial data
  • Display portfolio information on accounts, clients, relationships or households for any date range
  • Customize and personalize reports
  • Offer flexible billing grid and fee schedules
Accurate data
  • View performance, statistics and risk measurements that are calculated on a daily basis
  • Performance is calculated in accordance with GIPS®
  • Compare returns against reference indexes, blended benchmarks and custom indexes
  • Monitor compliance with an associated investment objective
  • Convert all portfolio information into any supported currency

To ensure reliability and productivity, Croesus Advisor uses a Smart Client Application via a web connection, while keeping the look and feel of a desktop application. No installation is required and updates are performed automatically.

You manage more than just assets.

You make a difference in investors’ lives.

You build trust at every touch point with clients.

And during these moments of truth, your valuable skills are enhanced with Croesus.